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terms of sale are established between Mr PLEYNET (registered trade AGEN under number 442 009 775), called the seller, and any natural or legal wishing to purchase one or more products presented on the website http://porcelaineblanchedeclassee.com, hereinafter the buyer. Both parties agree that their relationship is governed exclusively by this contract to the exclusion notwithstanding any other condition compliance of legislation in force. The buyer will primarily registration of the order, confirm acceptance of these terms and conditions sale by clicking the accept button. Any order that is registered and confirmed result in the full adherence to these terms of sale. The click value signing digital. The contract shall, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code, concluded in the second click of command through which you have confirmed your shopping cart after could corriger.  1 / product. for sale. The papers presented are available at the sale while supplies last or stop manufacture. The seller can not guarantee to the buyer the delivery of a product sold. Any claim regarding an article in out of stock. The the articles are downgraded (second choice, end of series, in-stock).

2 /Price. Prices shown are inclusive price in euros (All taxes included) excluding shipping our tariff is set at the best price, it can be change during the year following the change buy lots in the factories. We recall that the VAT rate is currently 19.6%. We reserve the right to change notice our product lines, and this only in order to preserve the quality and reliability of our items. Please note that deliveries to countries located

outside the European Union may
be subject to various fees and taxes,
including customs and VAT
import. These costs are borne exclusively by the purchaser.

3 /Commands. In case of dispute about the quality of goods the seller's responsibility does not be incurred beyond the value of the commodity in question. The seller is subject, too, delays supply, a delay in delivery may be invoked to compensation or Order cancellations. The order is shipped to the address on the order. If you want a shipment to another address, please specify on your order in the space provided this purpose. This address must be complete. In If a problem the vendor will not be held responsible if this procedure is not respected. The telephone number must also be stated whether to make an appointment for livraison.Les the unclaimed orders, 15 days after sending (switching state "delivered") in France, and 21 days outside France mainland, are considered delivered and accepted, claims or demands reimbursement for non-delivery will not be admissible.

4 /Expeditions. By MAIL (colissimo). Shipping colissimo France (France, Andorra, Monaco). Expedition colissimo Europe (Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, denmark, suise).

5 / Reception. All products leave our premises in perfect state, upon receipt of the goods, Buyer must check the status of the parcel. In case of suspicion of damage (packaging deterioration, noise, signs of crushing, etc. ...) Buyer must report on the delivery the carrier (or factor) by issuing handwritten reserves, accompanied by the signature and require the client to the carrier (or factor) to attend the opening of the package. If the buyer finds a broken object or if the attendant refuses to attend the opening without the caution the buyer may not claim any refund or exchange, without any reservation has been issued on receipt of the parcel, can not be taken into charge. The buyer must confirm this problem by sending the carrier within two working days of the date of delivery registered mail with return receipt exposing said claims. The purchaser will transmit a copy of this letter has two roads Laplume of 47,310 Aubiac. Without this, we proceed to any exchange.

6 / Payment. To ensure the security of payments credit card, the seller uses the service paypal secure payment. We retain no data bank personal.

When paying by credit card,
flow will take place in the shipping



7 / Delivery. Mageure except for force, the normal period of preparation and 24 to 72 hours of shipment goods is 48 for France to Metropolitan (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays). The seller can not be held responsible for any malfunction in the organization or operation of Services the Post or the carrier for an order delivered by this means. Any return due to an error address or a disclaimer of non delivery due will be charged back.

8 /Revocation personel Description of the right of withdrawal

As a consumer customer, you
have a period of 15 days
exercise your legal right of withdrawal.
In the case of an order for products, time is deducted from
receipt of goods. In the case
an order of service delivery, the period runs from
acceptance of the offer. If the period of 15
day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or
a holiday or holiday, it is extended
until the next business day.
You do not have to provide a reason for
exercise your right of withdrawal. you
will not suffer any penalty.
Exercise of right of re-
In case of exercising the right of withdrawal, you must return the PRODUCT
at the following address:
MR Pleynet Frederic, 2 road laplume,
Return costs are exclusively
your responsibility.
The right of withdrawal gives
to a refund of amounts
paid in the order in
soon as possible and no later than 30 days
from the date you
have exercised this right.
The refund will be made ​​by bank transfer [or any other mode of

payment of your choice]......

9 / Shipping. Shipping charges appear below the total order. They are calculated based on weight of items ordered. Each product was weighed and the cumulative weight of ordered items in your cart is a slice of tariff. Packaging is included in costs port. Beyond 10 kg (150 euros of purchase) the expedition will see a two three parcels according to the selected items for better packaging, beyond several 30 kg package or carrier chosen by the seller in this case, an accurate quote will be sent by e email.

10 / Promotions. Flash sales and promotions of the seller are valid while supplies last and / or during the period set by it.

11/litiges. The resolution of any disputes or dispute will be settled amicably or worn before the competent court


Contracts on our website (data for your order and Terms in force at the date
your order) are archived for
a period of 10 years. you can
access to contracts archived in
upon request by e-mail at <Mr.pleynet@porcelaineblanchedeclassee.com> or by mail


The proposed language for the conclusion
Contract is French.


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